We are building stronger, more compassionate communities with a deep understanding of the natural connections between yoga philosophy and social justice.

We provide professional, accessible and inclusive programming to all by emphasizing sustainable movement and a trauma-informed approach.
We recognize yoga as an aspect of public health and community wellness rather than a luxury commodity.
We acknowledge, appreciate and respect the historical and philosophical roots of yoga and actively work to minimize cultural appropriation as we translate yoga teaching to contemporary times.

Our Story

Yoga In Our City began in 2012 in Hartford, Connecticut as a program of Civic Mind, a social enterprise specializing in community development.

We recognized the transformative power of yoga and believed bringing people together to enjoy a shared yoga experience would build a greater sense of appreciation and connection to our city. We offered one class every week with a simple goal to “build a happier, healthier Hartford.”

As our popularity grew, we offered more classes in more places. New people and organizations began to support and shape our work, our goals, and our impact. Yoga In Our City has evolved from a humble weekly class to a statewide collaboration of mission-driven partners and supporters.

Our turning point

…came in 2015 when ConnectiCare became Yoga In Our City’s presenting partner.

ConnectiCare has provided the professional support and funding to strengthen the quality of our program and grow our programs every year. ConnectiCare’s partnership led to our expansion into new cities and created the foundation for our future partnerships. When Covid-19 struck, ConnectiCare reaffirmed their commitment to our work together by supporting the creation of our new Virtual Studio.

Yoga In Our City’s future shines bright because of the continued support of our partners, teachers and participants for our shared vision of building happier, healthier communities through compassion, gratitude, and mindfulness. We are committed to continually learning and improving as we appreciate the responsibility of bringing yoga to the communities we serve.


Thank you to all of our partners, teacher and participants for continuing to create this program together.

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