Harnessing Creativity in Cultivating Self-Care and Peace

What comes to mind when you think about creativity? If you associate it with the fine arts, you’re in good company. But creativity can be expressed in so many different ways. We know from study in practices of mindfulness, the time spent as the mind wanders from a story back to the anchor of attention is where a good deal of creativity occurs. The most fertile ground for creativity to sprout is always in flux, day-to-day and moment-to-moment.

Yoga, too, is a creative process. From the string of poses that take shape on our colorful, grippy rectangles to the skillfulness of action off the mat. The Sanskrit root of yoga is “yuj” which means, “to yoke”. In essence, two or more things are brought together to have a particular effect. In yoga, these unified elements are broadly said to be the mind, body, and spirit. In yoga and in self-care, unity is more than just a result, it’s also a key element of the process.

Taking good care of ourselves well requires that we be creative everyday. When we dive a little deeper, we see self-care requires all the same ingredients as any one person might define as conventionally creative. There are many tools at work in self-care, ideas changing shape, and choices combining with an intuitive sense of what’s needed in our lives (or not) to arrive at a more unified state. Our needs, our bodies, our lives are kaleidoscopes of change, shifting with every turn.

Creativity in taking care of ourselves isn’t about having oodles of space, material or money as much as it is knowing how to use a space of one minute, one dollar or one tool wisely. It is as much about knowing when to say yes and when to say no. It is about the freedom to choose, and then, return back to the drawing board as many times as necessary for the desired effect.

How might you get creative with your self-support? Whether the unity you find is within yourself, or within a community of other hearts and minds, create something incredible this month. All we need is a wealth of wonder and a wise use of ingredients. There are many ways to channel it, discover your own way.

On March 21st from 12-1pm, Yoga In Our City joins forces with Mental Health Connecticut to continue this conversation on self-care and creativity. Join us for community and activity to nurture the strength of creativity and its potential for creating peace. Register for our upcoming workshop collaboration here.