Winter Wellness: Uncovering Inner Peace Through Yoga

It’s the time of year where, more often than not, we’re huddled inside. As snow falls and temperatures drop, the outside world conserves its energy, drawing its life force or prana from its edges down into its core, into the roots. 

If we think of ourselves as a microcosm of the outside world, we can begin to see the many ways this is also true of us. A gathering in of sorts as the world outside falls still. Perhaps you too, notice a stillness, a tendency to take stock and shine a light inside. Maybe a meditative or contemplative practice that’s challenging in other seasons becomes a little easier this time of year. The self-care practices left on the back burner begin to make their way front and center with increasing inner space.

How might you harness the energy of the season? What might you pursue in this time of introspection, rest and self-care? 

Two attitudes of mindfulness lend themselves well in the heart of winter. Curiosity and a beginner’s mind. As inquiry takes root, we shed new light on old narratives that no longer serve in the name of well-being and in the name of starting new. And as you plant the seeds of new beginnings and visions of change – this is where the yoga begins.